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Deep Penetrating
Hemp-Derived CBD
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Certied & Dr. Approved
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3 oz. Hemp-Infused Topical Cream


6 oz. Hemp-Infused Topical Cream


Reliant Relief’s Hemp-Derived CBD

At Reliant Relief, we believe that CBD is the future. By combining the unmatched potential of CBD with the proven power of our bodies, we strive to create natural healing solutions for all. 

We’ve carefully crafted each of our formulas to include CBD and other known natural healing ingredients so that our products deliver unrivaled purity and performance.

Seed to Product

Every portion of our production process, from our farms in Oregon and Colorado to our manufacturing facility in Utah, have been monitored, tested and verified to meet our strict standards set for every product shipped to you.

Dr. Approved

Not only are we Dr. Approved – Reliant Relief is also Dr. Formulated.  Our propriety formulations are unique to us.  We’ve carefully cultivated an all-natural product that meets the highest standards set by those whom we put our absolute trust: Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers and Firefighters.

Premium Quality

The CBD market is currently considered the “Wild West” and is being flooded with synthetic, poorly cultivated, and untested CBD. Reliant Relief is doing things different.  We’re testing every batch of product so you know exactly what you’re buying.